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Effective solutions for Chronic Stress, chronic self-doubts & self-defeating patterns 

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Have a look at the symptoms described by my clients below. You may be sick of the 'little negative nagging voice' or the constant self-doubt, or the burden of 'having to be perfect'. 

You may also feel you are missing out on career and life opportunities because of thoughts or deep core beliefs holding you back, and you don't know how to free yourself safely from them.  I was there and I know exactly how it feels. Today, I help others getting free of those issues.

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Do you recognise any of these?

Fear & anxiety

  • Fear of failure 
  • Scared of being judged
  • Constantly worrying and expecting the worst; anxious something bad might happen
  • Fear of public speaking – presentations at work are a nightmare even if others think I am confident
  • Constantly doubting myself
  • Perfectionist – Need to be in control otherwise I panic 
  • Unable to relax imagining what could go wrong

My Solution

Worthlessness & low self-esteem

  • Fear of being a failure
  • Feeling unworthy and scared that others will see me for what I really am
  • Constantly doubting myself
  • Feeling that whatever I do well is due to luck, not me
  • Feeling not worthy, not good enough, not deserving much
  • Not confident to ask salary increase/promotion
  • Intrusive frequent doubts, and negative thoughts about myself 

My Solution


Negative emotions & pain

  • Feeling guilty about not being better
  • Angry with myself if I make the slightest mistake or forget anything
  • Always focused on the negative and hating myself for this but can't stop it
  • Feeling lonely, isolated and different
  • Unable to trust people

My Solution



  • Unable to let go of the past stressful events - unable to be in the present
  • Focus on what I do/did wrong and ruminate
  • Constantly ruminating
  • Frustrated to be stuck in my own thoughts
  • Sick of self-criticism but don't know how to stop it

My Solution



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This was an amazing experience that freed me from old toxic stuffs and from the imposter syndrome I was struggling with. This is the only method that really worked for me.










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