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Hello, I am Danielle, a bilingual French-English Coach and Rapid Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist, expert in concrete solutions for chronic self-doubts, fear of failing and self-defeating thinking.  My background in highly pressurised environments, in corporate and creative industries helps me understand the challenges and pressure my clients face on a day-to-day basis. 

Experiencing first-hand the pain, fears and limits of living with an imposter syndrome made me look for concrete and evidence-based tools that I could share with my clients, which is why I am so passionate about Cognitive Behaviour Coaching. 

After being trained at the Centre for Coaching (courses approved by the British Psychological Society) in Stress Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Coaching, I started to explore hypnotherapy, and I came across the revolutionary Rapid Transformational Coaching/ Therapy method (RTT). 

This hybrid method blew me away, as I witnessed first-hand how fast,  effective and powerful it was, helping me understand and release permanently the underlying roots of this suffocating imposter syndrome, and allowing me to heal deeply and permanently, transforming my life in one session!   

After qualifying as a RTT Hypnotherapist, I undertook practical training for a further year, helping volunteer clients, before integrating RTT in my programmes. The combination of RTT and Cognitive Behaviour Coaching provides the most effective aspects of those powerful techniques to successfully address problems of self-doubt, fear of failing, crisis of confidence, self-defeating patterns and the pain, anxiety and fear they generate

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My clients feel liberated as they free themselves from toxic irrelevant beliefs. They also feel empowered as they learn how to help themselves, optimise their mindset and ultimately change their lives for the better.

I support them in their transformations, helping them feel good about themselves, often for the first time in ages,  and be aware of their coping skills, so they can face any challenges with the most helpful mindset, and look at themselves in a positive way, long, long after their programmes end.

I pride myself on my honesty, transparency, and integrity and will only take on clients I can truly help. You can rely on me to be professional, non-judgmental, and respectful.

Seeing people transform into confident, resilient, optimistic, and successful individuals enjoying life, relationships and career is the most rewarding part of my work, and the reason why I truly love my job!

Apart from my job and loved ones, I am very creative and love playing with colours, materials, and shapes. I find it very calming and get the best ideas for my clients, particularly those in the most challenging situations, when I am immersed in a creative activity. I started abstract painting when we had to stay at home, and really developed a passion for it. Not knowing anything about the technique gave me the freedom to try a variety of colours and materials. Since then, I always have a few works in progress, waiting patiently for my next inspiration …

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